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Wednesday 12 March 2014


Ashley Parker knows trouble. And Nathan Williams--star quarterback and charming ladies man--is trouble. She knows he'll only break her heart. But that doesn't stop her from jumping in feet first. When her whole world is flipped upside down, her guitar and her lyrics become her only solace. Along with sexy guitar player Caleb Mathews. 
Fueled by heartache, love, and lust, Ashley finds herself in the best kind of trouble. Boy trouble.
I haven't read anything by Courtney B. Jones before, but after reading the blurb I don't know why I hadn't The Best Kind of Trouble is a perfect read for all New Adult Fans and romance book lovers as well.
The Best Kind of Trouble is a great addition to the New Adult Genre, with the love triangle and normal teenage drama, it is perfectly written from start to finish. This book isn't different from any other book, it has the beautifully written main character that is Ashley who has known hurt before in her life, so it is only natural for her to be cautious about the people she lets into her life. Ashley also seems to fall for the bad boy, or cheating boy if you count her ex-boyfriend who broke her heart all over again.
Although, no romance story would be without a bad boy who everyone knows is bad but Ashley can't help but like, yet Nathan has a good streak about him, though when he is with Ashley is isn't the player everyone knows him to be. When Nathan starts have genuine feelings and caring about Ashley and her life, Ashley doesn't know what to think.
Though just because Ashley is the perfect and best girl he could want and also want in his life, Ashley, however doesn't know what to make of this handsome player, with his mixed signals and stringing her along. Things soon, take a tragic turn when Ashley encounters a horrible loss, she turns to something that makes everything in her life a little bit better to handle.
Music seems to heal even the deepest of wounds, even the ones you can't see on the surface. Her songs become something even bigger than she thought they would, soon Ashley's life has changed and when she gets to chance to go on tour with her music and guitar she takes it. It is there she meets, sweet and talented Caleb, a guitar player who is the total opposite to Nathan. He seems perfect for her, though she doesn't know who to choose Nathan or Caleb, the guy who really listens to her or the guy who is known as a player.
The Best Kind of Trouble is different type of love story in the form of a New Adult book, with the hurt, loss, friends, lust, family, music and choices you have to make in life that is the perfect start to the Trouble Series.
If I had to sum up this book in three words, they would be Mesmerising, Amazing and Musical.
Format - PDF
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                                                 Release Date - 20th January 2014

 The rating I would give this book is:-

 Courtney B. Jones grew up in Texas where she still lives with her husband, their two kids, and two dogs. She's a recent college grad and new elementary school teacher.
Courtney loves to read and write love stories. She has an obsession with books and owns far far too many!
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